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about us

With 13 years of construction experience and a background in real estate and flipping houses, Eliseo Garza Jr., partner and builder for CAZA Group delivers what homeowners want. With a goal to shift the whole building experience in the Rio Grande Valley, CAZA focuses on architectural design and consumer satisfaction. CAZA Group partner and engineer Armando Castro Jr. is instrumental in realizing that vision with a background in tech and a nose for good business practices. CAZA offers a unique way for you to pick the house plan that’s right for you: collection lines. The Timeless, Exclusive and Signature packages cater to different budgets and boast bells and whistles designed to delight and impress.

CAZA focuses on architectural design and consumer satisfaction.

mission statement

beautiful, livable, functional homes

CAZA utilizes high-quality materials and products, this dedication functions both as quality control and a point of pride for CAZA Group, which is passionate about beautiful, livable, functional homes.